Interested in JOINING THE CHOIR?

We have a yearly need of bringing in new members. Recruitment takes place in the beginning of september every year when the opportunity to visit our open rehearsals is given. We have no requirement of previous knowledge about how to sing in a choir. Passion is everything to us. We have many members who had not been singing before so if you have the will to learn we will help you with the rest. 

We are not looking for opera singers with 10 years experience of choir singing.
We are looking for passion, if you want to you will learn quickly!
— Conductor, Franz Jakob Rommel


Every autumn in the beginning of September we give interested students the chance to join one of our open rehearsals. Here you get the chance to see what it is like to be part of our choir. No matter if you have been singing in a choir before or not we strongly recommend you to join us at the open rehearsals. We want to meet you and you get the chance to meet us!


Sounds scary? It isn’t! To get to know you, meet you in person, understand which section of the choir you would fit in every one is given the opportunity to do a short and easy audition. You just come and sing Vem kan segla (a traditional Swedish song) and the rest we tell you when we meet. Looking forward to meeting you!